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Welcome to Transmet, the site for metadata on Australian transportation data collections. Transmet is endorsed by the Standing Council on Transport and Infrastructure (SCOTI) and is administered by the Australian Transportation Data Action Network (ATDAN).

Transportation data is vitally important in all stages of the decision-making process for planning, intermodal integration and improving transport efficiency. This site has been developed to improve the accessibility and quality of Australian transportation data.


The purpose of this site is to:

  • improve awareness of available data and how these data can be accessed;
  • provide information about these data sets in the form of a Metadata Statement;
  • allow users to identify if the data is relevant for their needs.

Search metadata catalogue

The site provides facilities for finding and viewing the metadata. The Browse Transport Metadata Catalogue facility provides a dynamic way to browse through available resources that are held within the site. It offers theme categories to assist users to browse the data and enables information to be displayed by theme. Some metadata sets are relevant to more than one theme.

The keyword search catalogue is a secondary search option. It searches through the available resources looking for key words provided by the user and returns results that contain those key words.

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