The Strategic Research and Technology Working Group (SRTWG)

The SRTWG was established as part of the Australian Transport Council's (ATC) . National Transport Policy Framework in 2008. The purpose of the group was to enhance the delivery of evidence-based policy and to support improvements to transportation efficiency and effectiveness through a co-ordinated national approach to strategic transportation research, technology and data collection and dissemination.

The SRTWG was convened by the Tasmanian Department of Infrastructure, Energy and Resources and had representatives from all Commonwealth, State and Territory transport agencies as well as the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) and the National Transport Commission (NTC).

Through analysis of transportation data needs and issues, the SRTWG found that information about current data collections; including the scope, relevance and data quality, needed to be improved to ensure that transport data is used most effectively and efficiently to inform policy.

Through a series of consultation sessions and a national workshop with transportation data stakeholders, the SRTWG identified national strategic transportation data needs and priorities. This work informed the development of the Transportation Data Action Plan, endorsed by the ATC, to improve data quality and visibility.

Metadata Visibility Website

The national workshop concluded that making data more visible and available was the highest priority. As a result, the SRTWG set out to develop a website to make metadata for strategically important data sets more visible. A pilot website was developed in collaboration with the ABS and was launched to key stakeholders in September 2009.

Australian Transportation Data Action Network

Following the success of the SRTWG, the ATC requested that the group propose new governance arrangements to allow the work to continue. In September 2009, these arrangements were implemented with the establishment of the Australian Transportation Data Action Network (ATDAN). ATDAN is an advisory and action group that is chaired by the ABS, and is responsible for providing leadership in transportation data. In collaboration with the ABS, ATDAN developed and launched the full production website of Transmet in December 2010. ATDAN is responsible for the continued development and maintenance of the metadata website.

Standing Council on Transport and Infrastructure

In September 2011, the Standing Council on Transport and Infrastructure (SCOTI) replaced the operation and functions of the ATC. The Standing Council includes Transport, Infrastructure and Planning Ministers from the Commonwealth, States and Territories and the Australian Local Government Association. In keeping with the key functions of strategic planning, and infrastructure and transport policy development, SCOTI continues to support this website.

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