Future Direction

This site will progressively store more metadata sets with the aim of providing the metadata for all national strategic transportation data sets endorsed by the Standing Council on Transport and Infrastructure (SCOTI). The Australian Transportation Data Action Network (ATDAN) will be responsible for the further development and maintenance of this site.


ATDAN was created in September 2009 for the purpose of implementing the ATC's Transportation Data Action Plan (DAP) as endorsed by Transport Ministers in November 2008. ATDAN reports to the Transport and Infrastructure Senior Officials Committee (TISOC) and meets biannually. The group is chaired by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) and comprises representatives from the Department of Infrastructure and Transport (DOIT), National Transport Council (NTC) and jurisdictional transport agencies.

ATDAN provides advice to the TISOC and SCOTI decisions regarding strategic transportation data issues. The group also undertakes projects to improve transportation data collection, and develops and promotes the use of metadata standards and frameworks.

How can your agency contribute?

If your agency is the owner of any of the data sets identified as of strategic and national importance and has not yet provided the metadata for these data sets, please download, read and complete the following and email it to the address specified in the guidelines:

Download the Metadata Questionnaire (Excel format, size 1,014 KB)

Download the Metadata Questionnaire Guidelines (PDF format, size 228 KB)

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