These pages provide links to various resources which are available relating to both data quality and data quality statements.

ABS Quality Framework in Action

Decisions are generally made with a particular outcome in mind. The diagram below demonstrates the application of the ABS Data Quality Framework and outlines the steps that should be considered for Quality Informed Decisions which generate desired outcomes.

As can be seen, a data need is directly related to the quality informed decision that needs to be made in order to achieve a particular outcome. Data needs should be compared with available data to assess any risks which need to be accounted for in order to make a quality informed decision.

The ABS Data Quality Framework can be used as a tool to help reach these quality informed decisions:

The ABS has also released an information paper describing the Data Quality Framework (ABS DQF). It provides an explanation of each of the seven dimensions of the framework, followed by a discussion to assist data users and producers to apply the framework. For more information see: ABS Data Quality Framework, ABS Cat no 1520.0.

Quality Statements in Action

ABS Data Quality Statements, sometimes referred to as Data Quality Declarations, are intended to be informative statements about the quality of statistical products using the dimensions of the data quality framework adopted by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS).

The ABS strives to ensure that the users of our statistics are well informed on the quality of these statistics in order to assess their fitness for purpose . This value is deeply held throughout the ABS and is reflected in the ABS Corporate Plan . Quality declarations are an initiative to provide concise quality summaries for users in an easily accessible format.

Examples of Data Quality Statements prepared for COAG reporting are available in Volume 2 of the National Agreement Performance Baseline Reports for Education and Skills and Workforce Development at . Data Quality Declarations are available on the ABS website for many data releases, and are being progressively added from January 2008 onwards. For more information see the ABS website .

More information on the ABS Quality Declarations is available on the ABS website .