About the Tool and the Process

Who can use Data Quality Online?

There are many people who will find Data Quality Online useful. Not only is it a free service, it's available for anybody to use.

Data Quality Online will help a vast range of data suppliers, collectors and users draft Data Quality Statements. Data Quality Statements can assist and encourage others to use your data and may assist while assessing your data's fitness for purpose. The assistant also demonstrates how you can apply the ABS Data Quality Framework when commenting on and assessing the fitness of your data.

Data Quality Online also supports the creation of draft Data Quality Statements for COAG national reporting, while supporting general purposes statements for a variety of data sources (including survey, administrative and multiple source).

When you have completed the process you will have the opportunity to produce a Data Quality Statement, which can be used to accompany a dataset, report or metadata register entry.

How does it work?

Data Quality Online will ask you a series of questions to assess the quality of your information. Your answers will be used to automatically generate a draft Data Quality Statement, which can then be further refined outside of this system.

You don't have to register to use this assistant. Any information you choose to convey will not be stored by the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the National Statistical Service or this website.

You can also save your progress at any time while drafting your Data Quality Statement. When you're done, the assistant will produce an .XML file that can easily be uploaded from the web at any time. You may also choose to print or produce a PDF document of your Data Quality Statement at your leisure.

NOTE: Please disable any pop-up blockers in your browser before using Data Quality Statement Tool.