Dan Paull

.Dan Paull
Chief Executive Officer
PSMA Australia Limited

Dan is the Chief Executive of PSMA Australia Limited, an unlisted public company limited by shares and owned by the State, Territory and Australian governments. PSMA Australia facilitates access to a national asset of comprehensive, quality and accessible spatial knowledge that significantly contributes to economic, social and environmental outcomes for Australia.
PSMA Australia was formed in 1993 as a joint venture between the nine mapping agencies of the state and territory and Australian Governments, in response to an Australian Bureau of Statistics tender for mapping services for the 1996 Census. In June 2001, PSMA Australia completed the transition from unincorporated joint venture to unlisted public company limited by shares and registered under the Corporations Act. PSMA Australia now offers five datasets, comprised of 11 themes, to which the private sector is incorporating in an ever-expanding range of business solutions, and is a vital component of the spatial information industry in Australia, and internationally. Dan was instrumental in managing the transition from government consortium to public company and has grown the Company from a staff of 1 to a small team of 15 professionals, based in Canberra, Australia.

In his current role as Chief Executive, Dan has been focused on strengthening and streamlining the supply chain that delivers the PSMA Australia spatial data products. The challenges of coordinating the assembly of national datasets from multiple disparate sources has enabled the development of significant experience and knowledge in relation to the management of complex collaborative relationship networks and how to make them successful and enduring. In addition, the need to overcome numerous technical challenges allows for the blending of leading edge technology within this relationship context so as to develop alignment and synergies.

Dan graduated with a Bachelor of Surveying (Hons) from the University of New South Wales, and commenced his career as a cadastral surveyor in a rural practice. He then moved into a large national engineering firm where his experience included the management of large scale topographic, construction and engineering surveys as well as GIS infrastructure management and GPS control, network analysis and adjustment. From this ‘hands-on’ experience, Dan was able to make a successful transition to the management of the spatial information associated with these large projects and ultimately moved into a project management role with PSMA Australia in 1999. Dan is the author of numerous scientific papers, reports and reviews, and has recently completed an Executive MBA at the Australian Graduate School for Management.

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