What the program will cover

What The Program will cover?

The conference program has been designed with policy and decision makers in mind. Hear a range of speakers from overseas organisations, senior staff from government departments from across all jurisdictions, as well as experts from the community and leading academics.

The program will be divided into three main themes:

Informing the Nation (Session 1)

Statistics will be critical to the outcomes of the Australia 2020 Summit, the Council of Australian Governments and the National Reform Agenda both in terms of measuring government policy and assisting debate on the key issues. The type of statistics required and the role statistics can play in future policy decisions to ensure the nation information resources remain relevant, timely and accurate will be discussed across three main themes – Health (Session 2A), Education (Session 2B) and Indigenous Australia (Session 2C).

Measuring the Progress of Society (Session 3)

The OECD is holding the 3rd World Forum on Statistics, Knowledge and Policy in Korea in late 2009. This theme will provide an international and Australian perspective on Measuring Progress in Society and examine key issues such as Social Inclusion, and act as a vehicle to provide regional input into the 2009 World Forum. Concurrent sessions will be held on Measuring Disadvantage, Inequality and Social Inclusion (Session 4A), Measuring Progress in Australia (Session 4B) and Community and Local Indicators (Session 4C).

Environmental Information for Informed Decisions (Session 5)

    The Australian Government is committed to a decisive action on climate change and water management. What information is required to assist with the current debate on environment? What issues will be faced in the future? What would a national environmental account look like? What impact will these changes have on society and how can they be measured? These issues will be discussed under the three main areas Water (Session 6A), Natural Resource Management (Session 6B) and Climate Change (Session 6C).

    Showcase Sessions

    There will also be showcase sessions that will demonstrate Information Platforms and State Planning Initiatives.

    Information Platforms (Sessions 2D and 4D)

    The current advancement of information/communication dissemination and visualisation technologies is providing a large shift in how users are accessing and analysing statistical data. These improvements to technological platforms are enhancing the ability of users to generate, collect, share, analyse, store and retrieve information as well as disseminate their outcomes with greater effect. Entirely new fields of research, previously unavailable, are also emerging, using new techniques for data mining and analysis, advanced computational algorithms and resource sharing networks.

    These sessions will showcase two themes where there has been considerable progress in the last few years - community indicators (Session 2D) and spatial/environmental data (Session 4D).

    State Planning Initiatives (Session 6D)
    In recent years a number of states and territories have embarked on state plans to achieve long-term social, economic and environmental goals. These plans involved considerable engagement with local government, business and industry, and community groups with the ultimate aim of shaping government policy, service delivery and budgets into the future. In this session representatives from a range of jurisdictions will make presentations on the key measurment issues in the development of indicators for their respective states.

    NB: Program is Subject to Change

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