Dr Andrew Ash

Dr Andrew Ash

.Dr Andrew Ash
Director of the CSIRO Climate Adaptation National Research Flagship

Dr Andrew Ash is the Director of the CSIRO Climate Adaptation National Research Flagship. The Flagship’s goal is to equip Australia with practical and effective adaptation options to climate change and variability and in doing so create $3 billion per annum in net benefits by 2030.

Current activities

The Climate Adaptation Flagship brings together experts from across CSIRO, and builds partnerships with research and industry groups around Australia and overseas to tackle the complex challenges involved in adapting to life in a changing climate.

As Flagship Director, Andrew is responsible for deciding research priorities, overseeing a large portfolio of research projects and managing the Flagship’s many partnerships and collaborations.

Dr Ash gives regular talks and presentations to raise awareness among government agencies, businesses and communities of the need to adapt to unavoidable climate change. As part of his role he seeks to inform stakeholders about the methods, options and approaches available to reduce the negative impacts of climate change and identify any emerging opportunities.


Prior to leading the Flagship, Andrew had over 20 years experience in understanding how climate, grazing and fire influence the productivity and health of agriculture and ecosystems in northern Australia.

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