Dr Kerry Schott


Dr Kerry Schott
Managing Director of Sydney Water

Prior to her commencement as Managing Director of Sydney Water, Dr Kerry Schott was Deputy Secretary of New South Wales Treasury. Before this she spent 15 years as an investment banker working in the infrastructure area; including roles as Managing Director at Deutsche Bank and Executive Vice President at Bankers Trust Australia. Kerry has also worked as an economic policy adviser at the Reserve Bank of Australia and for the Commonwealth Government. Kerry is also a member of Infrastructure Australia.

Kerry has a doctorate from Oxford University (Nuffield College), a Masters of Arts from the University of British Columbia, Vancouver and a first class honours Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of New England, Armidale. She has taught at University College London, Oxford University and been a Visiting Professor at Princeton University. Her undergraduate work was in mathematics and statistics and her graduate work in econometrics and economics.

Kerry has also been the Chairman of the Environment Protection Authority in New South Wales, a Director of Sydney Water, Chair of the NSW Film and Television Office, Director of the Film Finance Corporation Limited and Director of Australian Airlines Limited until their merger with Qantas. She has been a member of the Corporations and Securities Panel and a Trade Practices Commissioner.

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