Murray Cameron

.Murray Cameron
Former Chief of CSIRO Mathematical and Information Sciences

Murray Cameron has worked for CSIRO since 1971 and was the Chief of CSIRO Mathematical & Information Sciences from 2000 until June 2008. This has led him to work in a diverse range of sciences and industries (including agriculture, engineering, environmental issues in the ocean and atmosphere, finance, insurance, health, manufacturing, geophysics and mineral exploration.) A particular focus has been the use of very large datasets and the integration of data from different sources to underpin decision making. A graduate of University of Sydney and the ANU, his research interests include the analysis of time series, statistical visualisation and the development of statistical methods for innovative applications.

He is a past president of the International Association for Statistical Computing, Councillor of the International Statistics Institute and Associate Editor of international journals. He is currently on the Advisory Board of Computational Statistics and Data Analysis.

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