Conference Recommendations

David Sullivan  14 September 2010 14:16:09

Your participation at NatStats 2010 will be a great opportunity to share your views and interest in the role of statistics in understanding and responding to the challenges that face Australia in coming decades. With your help and input, we will identify areas where Australian statistics and the National Statistical System can be strengthened to improve the capacity of government, business and community to develop effective policies and strategies for the future.

Building on the Statistical Declaration at the last NatStats conference in November 2008, NatStats 2010 participants will develop recommendations to aid in lifting the awareness of the importance of statistics; strengthening the infrastructure and use of our data; and promoting better collaboration within the community in sharing and using statistics.  

The NatStats 2010 Recommendations will reflect issues raised in Conference Speaker presentations, discussions held throughout the conference, and will be finalised through a formal consultation process with delegates following the conference. The thoughts you share during and after the Conference will assist in shaping the final outcome of these Recommendations.

You have an important role in shaping these Recommendations.
Below are the four key Conference themes. We would appreciate you taking the time to consider the issues and questions - and we look forward to hearing your thoughts over the next two days.

NatStats 2010 Conference Recommendations - Final

NatStats 2010 Conference Recommendations - Consultation process

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